Mergers and Acquisitions

Bryan has worked on all aspects of post-acquisition disputes, including analysis of working capital and earn-out calculations, critical self-evaluation of a client’s position prior to submitting a claim, and analysis of claims for violations of representations and warranties. He has helped parties to assemble submissions to neutral accountants and courts. Bryan has also served as an accounting neutral to resolve post-acquisition disputes.
A carefully-worded purchase and sale agreement can prevent misunderstandings that may lead to disputes after closing. Bryan has reviewed many draft agreements and advised parties on how to use accounting terminology with precision in order to achieve their intentions. He has also advised parties on how to build efficient dispute resolution processes into their agreements.
Bryan is experienced in advising buyers and sellers on the draft of purchase and sale agreements, working capital and earn-out calculations, and representation and warranty claims. He is available to serve as an accounting neutral, either on his own or as member of a panel.
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